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MaterialsNow's roots in the specialty materials industry go all the way back to a small metals distribution business started in 1953 in upstate New York called Murphy & Nolan. Jack Nolan, one of the founders, had a son named John who would go on to work for Murphy & Nolan over the summers in high school and college. It was during this time that John had his first exposure to the world of specialty materials.

Not long after graduating college, John would found Nolan Supply Corporation, which he would grow into a multi-million dollar company thanks to an impressive and ever-growing specialty materials line of business.

John would evolve his business over time, reducing reliance on inventory and maximizing profits, thanks to decades of lessons learned, an unparalleled and expansive knowledge of specialty materials, and an unmatched source pool. John perfected the low-to-no-inventory specialty materials sales model and his success proves how valuable chasing specialty materials can be to a business’ bottom line.

The specialty materials expertise, sourcing, and pricing guidance that you'll receive from us is directly informed and managed by John and his 50+ years of experience in both buying and selling speciality materials. John and his team of experts will enable you to expand your materials offering virtually overnight, seamlessly integrating into your current operations, all while avoiding mistakes and maximizing profit potential.

No matter which material groups you want to expand into, we can help. There isn't a materials request John and his team haven't seen before.

John Nolan
Lead Expert, MaterialsNow

Expertise at your fingertips. MaterialsNow includes:

Materials Expert Support

Unlimited request translation, materials sourcing, and pricing guidance for any speciality material request.

Content & Marketing Kit

Content for your website and a digital line card that enables you to expand your materials offering with minimal effort.

MaterialsNow AdBoost

A 4-week digital ad campaign to drive specialty materials demand to your website.


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