About Us

MaterialsNow's roots in the raw materials industry go all the way back to a small raw materials distribution business started in 1953 in upstate New York. MaterialsNow is the culmination of roughly 70 years of family legacy and experience in both the buying and selling of raw materials. We have witnessed and participated in the dynamics of this industry for decades and felt the need for simplification, consolidation, and modernization was long overdue.

The mission of MaterialsNow is simple: maximize value, convenience, and opportunity.

VALUE. MaterialsNow is free to use. Use us as a source as often or as little as you like - there's no cost hanging over your head, no commitments. Continue to use your own sources for finding best price and delivery on materials, but give us a try too. We're confident we can deliver you a competitive price and delivery, and we'll do it in 24 hours or less.

CONVENIENCE. You no longer have to scour the internet across multiple seller sites to compare quotes. Submit a RFQ, get a competitive price and delivery in 24 hours or less that will be hard to beat. We even provide more than one quote in some instances if we can get your materials at a low price but longer delivery, or a higher price but shorter delivery. Submit as many RFQs as needed if your materials needs span multiple categories. Yep, all for free. Pick a quote, transact, receive materials. It doesn't get much easier than that.

OPPORTUNITY. Maximize your opportunity to make the most optimal purchase for your materials needs--by adding us as a source for your materials purchasing, you are increasing the likelihood of landing a competitive price and delivery for your materials.

We are thankful for the opportunity to make your raw materials purchasing experience the best that it can be.

We are constantly looking for ways to be even better - if you have feedback for us about what we could do to improve please send us a note.